Recommended Practitioners

At RegulateCo we understand that working with the right practitioner can be an absolute game changer. But we also know that finding one to suit your needs comes with its own challenges. To help you find 'the one', we've curated this directory of our personal faves. 

No two individuals are the same, and neither are their healing journeys. That's why we've handpicked a network of pros who operate in various niches, ensuring that you find the perfect fit.

For your peace of mind, we only recommend experts we trust; those who we have worked with directly, or whose work we have followed closely for at least a year. 

Nervous System Protocol Practitioners

Dr. Linnea Passaler - Heal Your Nervous System

Talk about a game-changer. We really cannot recommend Dr. Linnea's program enough.

What we love about Heal Your Nervous System: Dr. Linnea's knowledge, supportive online community, exceptional customer support and first class content.

Annie Hopper - Dynamic Neural Retraining System

Retraining your brain is easy - and enjoyable - with DNRS.

What we love about DNRS with Annie: The uplifting nature of the program, the option to have one-to-one coaching, the lasting effects of brain retraining.

Diet and Lifestyle Practitioners

Dr. Dan Maggs -

Dr. Dan is a registered GP with a specialist interest in low-carb diets and men's health.

What we love about working with Dr. Dan: His extensive dietary knowledge and programs directed at supporting men in middle age.

AnnA MARSH- Functional Medicine and fatigue recovery

Anna uses a trauma-informed approach to assist people struggling with chronic and complex illnesses.

What we love about Anna: When it comes to healing, Anna understands that EVERYTHING matters, and her practice considers nutrition, nervous system regulation, and trauma-informed functional medicine.

Personal Development and Relationship Guidance 

Mark Walstrom - Mark Walstrom LPC

Mark offers transformative counseling and life coaching for individuals and couples, in-person or remotely.

What we love about Mark: His infectious enthusiasm to guide you to your best life, his understanding of the role of relationships in regulating the nervous system, and of course, he is one of our trusted expert reviewers!

Sara starby - The 41st Story

Sara is a talented energy healer offering a variety of remote sessions to support your personal transformation journey.

What we love about Sara: Sara is a compassionate practitioner offering a range of services to suit you; from deep diving into your human design to reiki healing and intuitive coaching and guidance.

Mind-Body Experts

Dani Fagan-MYTMS Journey

Dani uses a mind-body healing approach to harness the power of nervous system regulation for recovery from chronic symptoms. 

What we love about Dani: Her holistic approach to nervous system regulation, awesome masterclass offerings, and nervous-system-centred yoga classes.

James-The Mind Body Man

James used his own personal journey with chronic stress as a catalyst for healing his nervous system. And now he's showing you how to do the same.

What we love about James: James has a genuine, authentic vibe to his offering and his own story is very relatable. He offers courses, co-regulating sessions, and a membership program - all at a very reasonable price.

Rose covenant - Beyond Pain

What we love about Rose: Her nervous-system-focused approach to healing chronic pain, handy social media tidbits, and her science-backed programs.